Friday, October 21, 2022

Preseason NIT Bracketology

KenPom rankings are out! Conference polls are being released! Secret scrimmages are starting! It's almost time for college basketball season. The new KenPom rankings give me an excuse to update my NIT bracketology. Here's the latest as we head towards the kickoff of the new season. The next one of these will come after teams play some games.

The number of teams based in the western third of the country in the middle of this bracket made putting it together an absolute nightmare. Though with the new bracket principles, where teams below four seeds are just unseeded, you'd never know that I bumped Fresno St. up two seed lines to make the bracket work, except for the fact that they're in italics.

Last NCAA Teams: St. John's, Xavier, USC, Memphis, Texas A&M, Stanford, Saint Louis, Mississippi

NIT Bracket:

U - Unseeded teams. Italics - Bubble Team

1. Wisconsin
U. Southern Illinois
4. Utah 
U. Fresno St.
3. Wyoming
U. Boston College
2. Arizona St.

1. Maryland
U. George Mason
4. Florida Atlantic
U. Mississippi St.
3. Loyola Chicago
U. Marquette
2. Providence
U. Temple

1. Clemson
U. Colorado St.
4. North Texas
U. Penn St.
3. Utah St.
U. Washington St.
2. Tulane
U. Vanderbilt

1. Seton Hall
U. Middle Tennessee
4. BYU
U. Colorado
3. Saint Mary's
U. Florida St.
2. Cincinnati
U. Boise St.

Also Considered: UCF, Davidson, San Francisco, Abilene Christian, UNCG, Akron, IPFW, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Wichita St., St. Bonaventure, Richmond, Santa Clara, Western Kentucky

KenPom Doesn't Think You'll Finish .500: Iowa St., West Virginia, Kansas St., South Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, Wake Forest, N.C. State, Louisville, Georgia Tech, DePaul, Georgetown, Washington, SMU

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