Tuesday, August 1, 2023

McNeese State's Non-Division I Opponent Contracts

McNeese State was one of the first mid-majors to announce its non-conference schedule on July 18. Like most schools, McNeese State will be playing some non-Division I opponents. Unlike most schools, they're playing ones most people are completely unfamiliar with.

From Nov. 10-Nov. 14 McNeese State will play three straight home games non-Division I opponents: College of Biblical Studies - Houston (Nov. 10), Champion Christian (Nov. 13) and LeTourneau (Nov. 14). In addition, McNeese State will play the Mississippi University for Women on Dec. 5.

When teams from a higher division secure a home game against a lesser opponent it is typically done through some guaranteed payment. The total payment for those four games is $19,300, according to records obtained by NIT Bracketology. That's less than a quarter of what some Division I schools get paid to play one game at a Power 5 opponent, which should give you some sense of the savings McNeese is getting by playing these particular opponents. Here is the breakdown by game:
And some fun nuggets about a few of the contracts:
  • The contract from the College of Biblical Studies - Houston is signed by Emmanuel Lalande, the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services.
  • The Champion Christian contract also includes: "12 rooms for 1 night at hotel in Lake Charles, LA".
  • The Mississippi University for Women contract is signed by Dean Burrows, the head men's basketball coach. (The McNeese State schedule announcement also took care to note that the school has a men's basketball program.)
Last season McNeese played just one official game against a non-Division I opponent when they defeated Champion Christian 110-54 in their season opener. (They also played an exhibition against Ecclesia College on Dec. 5.) The victory over Champion was one 11 on the season. It seems like Will Wade is stepping up the practice.

See the contracts for yourself on our Documents page.

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