Welcome to NIT Bracketology. This site is the home for NIT Bracketology written by John Templon.

I've projected the NIT bracket for more than a decade (though I didn't project 2021's pandemic influenced 16-team tournament) at sites such as Chicago College Basketball, NYC Buckets, and Mid-Major Madness. I was even once interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about it. (Even that link is more than a decade old now.)

The NIT brackets on this site might look different from some you see on other sites, but that's typically because I use college basketball rankings sites such as KenPom and T-Rank to project records to the end of the regular season when determining a team's position in the bracket. This typically has the effect of being lower on major conference teams with poor power rankings and difficult remaining schedules.

Want to ask me a question or complain about the bracket? The easiest way is to find me on Twitter @nybuckets. You can also email me at jtemplon[at]gmail[dot]com.

Brackets are typically updated on late Sunday/early Monday until we get close to the end of the regular season. I post new brackets on a more regular basis (and some light analysis) as we get closer to Selection Sunday.

Expect a full 32-team NIT tournament with "unseeded" teams again this season along with automatic bids for No. 1 seeds in conference tournaments that do not reach the NCAA Tournament. In the past this has resulted in approximately 10 automatic qualifiers for the NIT. I am currently designating the teams that are in the bracket but "on the bubble" — basically the last 10 teams in my S-curve — in italics.

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