Thursday, December 1, 2022

Dec. 1 NIT Bracketology

I've never projected automatic bids, but now I sort of wish I did. The bottom of this bracket is... uninspiring. Also, right now the NIT projects as the West Coast invitational, with the Pac-12 and Mountain West sending just an absolute bevy of teams, all of which project into middle seeds in the bracket. I hope some of those teams separate themselves as non-conference (and conference) play continues.

Since the NCAA is doing its fun "unseeded" trick with the first round road teams I could've really shaken up the seeding here to get better geographical matchups (and probably will in the future), but at this stage I thought it'd be better to show true seeding.

The next bracket will probably be January 1, 2023. Enjoy December!

Last 8 NCAA Teams: Rutgers, Arizona St., N.C. State, Utah St., Penn St., Texas A&M, Wisconsin, Mississippi

NIT Bracket (bubble teams in italics):

1. Florida
4. Colorado
U. Clemson
3. Boise St.
2. Utah

1. LSU
U. Southern Illinois
U. Washington
3. Florida Atlantic
2. Wake Forest
U. North Texas

1. Seton Hall
U. Pittsburgh
4. Colorado St.
U. Stanford
3. Oregon
U. Providence
2. Michigan
U. College of Charleston

1. St. John's
U. Toledo
4. Notre Dame
U. Nevada
3. Washington St.
U. Villanova
2. TCU
U. New Mexico

Others Considered: Wyoming, Wichita St., Cincinnati, Syracuse, Tulane, Richmond, Duquesne, St. Bonaventure, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Dayton

Not .500 Per KenPom: Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Butler, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Temple

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