Monday, February 7, 2022

Feb. 7 NIT Bracketology

NIT Bracketology for February 7, 2022

Bubble teams in italics. Projected to the end of the regular season.

Last 6 in NCAA Tournament: Creighton, Wake Forest, Wyoming, Miami FL, Stanford, Florida

NIT Bracket:

1. Belmont
8. Texas A&M
4. Florida St.
5. Cincinnati
3. Oklahoma
6. Minnesota
2. Saint Louis
7. Ohio

1. Utah St.
8. Colorado
4. Memphis
5. Vanderbilt
3. San Diego St.
6. Virginia Tech
2. VCU
7. UCF

1. North Carolina
8. South Carolina
4. Rutgers
5. West Virginia
3. SMU
6. Syracuse
2. Michigan
7. St. John's

1. Washington St.
8. Santa Clara
4. Dayton
5. Virginia
3. Fresno St.
6. Richmond
2. North Texas
7. Wichita St.

Teams that made me think: Louisiana Tech, Grand Canyon, Drake, Furman, Missouri St., Northwestern, Clemson, DePaul

Not projected to be .500: Kansas St., Mississippi, Penn St., Tulane

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