Friday, March 4, 2022

March 4 NIT Bracketology

This bracket is likely the last one before an automatic bid is added to the NIT field. While I haven't done an entire seed scrub, this bracket is at least explanatory of where teams stand heading into a key weekend for the NIT.

Want to follow the changes? Checkout out the Current NIT Bracket. They're the same as of publishing on Friday night, but they'll diverge as the games are played out this weekend and I dive deeper into some of the NIT resumes.

Last NCAA Teams (In Order Safest to Least): Rutgers, VCU, Miami FL, Wake Forest, North Carolina, SMU, Memphis, Notre Dame

NIT Bracket (bubble teams in italics):

1. Wyoming
8. Wichita St.
4. Colorado
5. New Mexico St.
3. Oregon
6. St. John's
2. BYU
7. Utah St.

1. Indiana
8. Washington St.
4. South Carolina
5. Florida St.
3. Virginia
6. UCF
2. Texas A&M

1. Loyola IL
8. Fresno St.
4. St. Bonaventure
5. Mississippi St.
3. Belmont
6. Santa Clara
2. Dayton
7. Missouri St.

1. Florida
8. Syracuse
4. Oklahoma
5. Saint Louis
3. UAB
6. Richmond
2. Virginia Tech
7. Drake

Also considered: Furman (I guess?)

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