Sunday, February 12, 2023

Feb. 12 NIT Bracketology

The Northwestern Wildcats are nowhere near this NIT bracket, which is absolutely amazing! There are a LOT of teams though hanging around the NIT bracket, which is making this pretty difficult to figure out. This is my best attempt for what the bracket will look at the end of the season. As we've seen this week though, things can change fast. I'll be updating the projections as necessary moving forward until Selection Sunday.

Also, I've started playing with the seeds for geography. The biggest change is that UCF and Hofstra were each moved up a seed line and Loyola Marymount down two for geographic reasons. Of course we will never know if that's a case when the NIT bracket is released because the NCAA has started using the "U", or "Unseeded" designation to get around that issue.

Last 6 NCAA Teams: Texas A&M, Memphis, New Mexico, North Carolina, Kentucky Oregon

NIT Bracket:

1. Utah St.
U. Bradley
4. UAB
3. Clemson
U. Hofstra
2. USC
U. Loyola Marymount

1. Seton Hall
U. Louisiana Lafayette
4. Michigan
U. Cincinnati
3. Wake Forest
2. Wisconsin
U. St. John's

1. Virginia Tech
U. Marshall
4. Colorado
U. Sam Houston St.
3. Penn St.
U. Saint Louis
2. North Texas
U. Syracuse

1. Arizona St.
U. Santa Clara
4. Vanderbilt
3. Florida
U. Tulane
2. Utah

Also considered: James Madison, Montana St., Indiana St., UC Irvine, Duquesne, Fordham, Toledo, Temple, Georgia, Washington, San Jose St.

Not .500: Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Ohio St., Villanova, Butler

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