Friday, February 24, 2023

Feb. 24 NIT Bracketology

There's been enough movement to justify a new bracket going into the weekend, so here it is! There are a few teams lurking right below .500 that could make interesting additions to this bracket in particular Washington St., Nebraska, and Villanova.

Note: This bracket takes into account the ability to move around unseeded teams. So the italics denoting bubble teams that could potentially lose their spot to an automatic bid team is definitely important to pay attention to.

After this bracket was published Southern Miss won the Sun Belt, so I replaced them with Marshall in the bracket. The two teams are a close to 1-to-1 replacements of each other.

NCAA Bubble Teams: USC, Nevada, Utah St., Wisconsin, Auburn, Memphis, West Virginia

NIT Bracket:

1. Michigan
U. Cincinnati
4. Vanderbilt
U. Bradley
3. Seton Hall
U. Colorado
2. Virginia Tech

1. New Mexico
U. Toledo
4. Sam Houston St.
U. Utah
3. Clemson
U. Marshall
2. Oregon
U. Loyola Marymount

1. Mississippi St.
U. St. John's
4. Wake Forest
U. Tulane
3. College of Charleston
U. Dayton
2. North Carolina

1. Texas Tech
U. Saint Louis
4. North Texas
U. Florida
3. Arizona St.
U. Santa Clara
2. Penn St.

Lurking: Duquesne, Villanova, Washington St., Nebraska

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