Monday, November 20, 2023

Feast Week NIT Bracketology

It's Feast Week! We're two weeks into the regular season of college basketball and things have been all over the place. Let's use our new two weeks of data to put together a new bracket before a plethora of games kick off.

The SEC really benefits from the NIT's new "protected seed" format here because South Carolina and LSU would barely be in this tournament if they weren't part of that conference.

The hardest team to figure out early in the season is probably Saint Mary's. The Gaels look like a 50/50 NCAA Tournament team given their early season results, but just missing the NCAA Tournament (as like the fifth team out) for a team from the West Coast Conference could be devastating in terms of NIT selection because of the new rules. You can see that here in how the bracket developed. They'd be competing with Mountain West teams for maybe one open home game.

NIT Bracket (protected seeds in Bold, bubble teams in italics):

1. Iowa
8. Boston College
4. Colorado St.
5. Washington St.
3. Virginia Tech
6. VCU
2. Ohio St.
7. Duquesne

1. Pittsburgh
8. Stephen F. Austin
4. South Carolina
5. Maryland
3. Stanford
6. New Mexico
2. Kansas St.
7. North Texas

1. Seton Hall
8. Florida St.
4. LSU
5. UCF
3. St. John's
6. Rutgers
2. N.C. State
7. UAB

1. Wisconsin
8. Bradley
4. Washington
5. Saint Mary's
3. Cincinnati
6. Boise St.
2. Northwestern
7. Yale

Last 6 NCAA At-Large Teams: Florida Atlantic, Nevada, Nebraska, Providence, Texas Tech, Michigan
Seriously Considered: Wichita St., St. Bonaventure, Indiana St., Missouri St., Long Beach St., Kent St., UMass Lowell
Considered: Penn St., Wake Forest, San Francisco, Utah St., Tulane, SMU, Loyola Marymount, Santa Clara, Richmond

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