Monday, February 19, 2024

NIT Bracketology, Feb. 19

It's President's Day! The season is winding down. Don't believe me? Chicago St. is playing its last game of the SEASON as I put together this post. Now, the Cougars are in a unique spot because they don't have a conference affiliation (at least until they join the NEC next season), but the 2023-24 campaign is definitely winding down.

In fact, it's so close to winding down that things that looked like outliers that were going to resolve themselves in time are becoming a reality. Things such as South Florida leading the American Conference. The Bulls are now the projected regular season champion of the AAC according to KenPom's rankings and thus I've given them an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament. Also, St. John's is falling apart. The Red Storm lost at home to Seton Hall and those two teams going in completely different directions. Ohio St. fired its coach and then beat Purdue! The Buckeyes are in line for an automatic bid to the NIT still too.

Things are getting late and crazy. Enjoy the games!

Last 8 NCAA Tournament: Boise St., Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Seton Hall, Nebraska, Gonzaga, Nevada, Texas A&M

NIT Bracket (Automatic Bids in Bold, Bubble Teams in Italics):

1. Butler
U. Washington
4. Iowa (Big Ten 2)
U. Oregon
3. Xavier
U. Syracuse
2. Indiana St.

1. Wake Forest (ACC 1)
U. James Madison
4. LSU (SEC 1)
U. Richmond
3. Pittsburgh (ACC 2)
U. Minnesota
2. St. John's (Big East 2)
U. Princeton

1. Utah (Pac-12 1)
U. San Francisco
4. UCF (Big 12 1)
U. Virginia Tech
3. Kansas St. (Big 12 2)
2. Colorado (Pac-12 1)
U. Maryland

1. Villanova (Big East 1)
U. Rutgers
4. Georgia (SEC 2)
U. N.C. State
3. Ohio St. (Big Ten 1)
U. Memphis
2. Providence
U. Miami FL

Others Considered (In Order): Boston College, Cornell, Charlotte, St. Bonaventure, Florida St., Bradley, North Texas, UNLV, UCLA, Loyola Chicago

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