Friday, March 15, 2024

NIT Bracketology, March 15

 This is the latest NIT bracket. A few notes:

  1. Memphis is not in this bracket after Penny Hardaway's comments after their loss in the AAC tournament. Florida St. is the beneficiary.
  2. Indiana St. is in the bracket. The NCAA Tournament bubble is historically strong and I moved New Mexico in over the Sycamores.
  3. Mississippi is 1 spot ahead of LSU in NET. That's the difference between the Tigers making and missing the NIT at this point. There's a similar, but not as dire situation in the Pac-12, where Washington is 1 spot behind Oregon for the last automatic bid.
  4. Xavier is also lurking if Villanova or Providence surprise and get into the NCAA Tournament. It's worth noting that Xavier is even ahead of Seton Hall in the NET, so this applies even if the Pirates miss.
  5. VCU is in the NCAA Tournament right now because of the A-10 chaos, but they'd be in this bracket otherwise.
Last NCAA Tournament: TCU, Oklahoma, Virginia, Seton Hall, St. John's, Texas A&M, Colorado, Colorado St., New Mexico

NIT Bracket:

1. Indiana St.
U. Loyola Chicago
4. Butler
U. Indiana
3. Utah (Pac-12 1)
2. Kansas St.
U. Syracuse

1. Pittsburgh (ACC 2)
U. Duquesne
4. Mississippi (SEC 2)
3. UCF (Big 12 2)
U. NC State
2. Villanova (Big East 1)
U. Minnesota

1. Mississippi St. (SEC 1)
U. Florida St.
4. Oregon (Pac-12 2)
U. San Francisco
3. Iowa (Big Ten 2)
U. Bradley
2. Cincinnati (Big 12 1)
U. Boston College

1. Providence (Big East 2)
U. Yale
4. Virginia Tech
U. Richmond
3. Wake Forest (ACC 1)
U. Appalachian St.
2. Ohio St. (Big Ten 1)
U. Washington

Others Considered: Xavier (for NET reasons), LSU (for NET reasons), Saint Joseph's, VCU (in NCAA Tournament), St. Bonaventure, Memphis (has said they'll decline), Cornell

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