Friday, March 10, 2023

March 10, 10 AM Bracket Notes

The NIT bracket is updated again. The biggest changes are around the NCAA cut line. I've moved Oklahoma St. into the NCAA Tournament and Rutgers out. Clemson, Vanderbilt and Oregon are all still playing. If one of those teams win today there's a good chance that they would go into the NCAA Tournament bracket and I would remove one of my last four teams, which are (in order): Oklahoma St., Providence, North Carolina St., and Nevada.

While it doesn't look like it based on this bracket (and bracketing principles), San Jose St. has moved up my S-curve considerably. The problem is that Washington St. and Colorado both moved down, which meant there was only one West Coast slot towards the middle of the bracket that wasn't from the Mountain West Conference.

My last teams in the NIT, which would be replaced by automatic bids if they happen are (in order from safest to not): Cincinnati, San Jose St., Nebraska, Wake Forest, and Saint Louis.

There are still eight teams that could potentially need an automatic bid to the NIT. There's also Florida Atlantic. If the Owls were to lose to Middle Tennessee today it would cause a large cascade of events from the NCAA Tournament all the way down into the middle of this bracket (because the winner of UAB-North Texas would become the CUSA favorite).

There are also a few interesting teams still lurking outside of this bracket that are currently playing basketball. They are: UCF, Kent St., Dayton, Tulane. All four of those teams have NET ratings within striking distance of at-large bid territory.

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