Thursday, March 9, 2023

March 9, 8:15 PM Bracket Notes

Games have played out pretty much as expected throughout the day, which means there hasn't been a ton of movement in the bracket yet. If anything it has made teams that had already finished playing a little safer.

One team that just picked up a big win is San Jose State. Tim Miles's team is still in bubble territory, but they've moved a bit higher in the S-curve after defeating Nevada — a Quad I victory.

One team that has dropped out has nothing to do with their play, but off the court issues. A Texas Tech spokesperson told the media today that the Red Raiders will not pursue postseason basketball. I am taking them at their word and removing them from this bracket. Since there have been no automatic bids handed out thus far today, that means that Saint Louis is the lucky recipient of that final slot. (Other teams that I considered included UCF, Tulane, Marshall and Kent State.)

It's quite possible the NCAA cut line will need some revision after today, but the results haven't been pretty there either. Nevada lost, Pittsburgh lost (by 27), Michigan lost, Providence lost, and West Virginia lost. Let's see if an NCAA bubble team can figure out how to win in the night session. (Looking at you Penn State and North Carolina!)

Update: Penn St. did indeed win. The Nittany Lions replace Pittsburgh in the NCAA bracket.

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