Friday, March 8, 2024

NIT Bracketology, March 8

Here's a new NIT bracket as we head into the weekend. A few quick thoughts:

  1. UCF is automatic bid, but might finish below .500.
  2. Xavier also has under .500 / automatic bid potential if Seton Hall, St. John's and Villanova all make the NCAA Tournament
  3. Florida State is an enigma, but the Seminoles have some great wins.
  4. So many ACC teams made this difficult to bracket.
  5. It was just reported Washington is firing Mike Hopkin, but the Huskies are in line for an automatic NIT bid if Colorado makes the NCAA Tournament.
With those out of the way, onto the bracket.

Last 6 NCAA Tournament: Villanova, Virginia, Colorado, Northwestern, St. John's, Seton Hall

NIT (automatic bids in bold, bubble in italics):

1. Wake Forest (ACC 1)
U. Bradley
4. Mississippi (SEC 2)
3. James Madison
U. N.C. State
2. Providence (Big East 1)

1. Pittsburgh (ACC 2)
U. Minnesota
4. Xavier (Big East 2)
U. Memphis
3. Cincinnati (Big 12 1)
U. Virginia Tech
2. Butler
U. Indiana

1. Iowa (Big Ten 1)
U. Duquesne
4. Washington (Pac-12 2)
3. Ohio St. (Big Ten 2)
U. Drake
2. New Mexico
U. Oregon

1. Texas A&M (SEC 1)
U. Loyola Chicago
4. UCF (Big 12 2)
U. Florida St.
3. Kansas St.
U. Syracuse
2. Utah (Pac-12 1)
U. San Francisco

Others Considered: Cornell, Yale, Boston College, VCU, Rutgers, St. Bonaventure, Louisiana Tech
Still On The Board: Massachusetts, George Mason, Charlotte, North Texas, Louisiana Tech, UAB, Georgia

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